Internet Gem: Who's The Tank?

So the internet is a wonderful place. Ok. I lied. The internet is full of scum and worthless shit that no man would ever willingly want to see. Goatse. 2 Girls 1 Cup. =(. (Yes, I put periods after emoticons. Deal.) However, every once in a while, the internet does come up with a few awesome gems that you just have to see. Of course, there's the classics like PeterChimera's epic stories (Doom: Reprecussions of Evil "No, John. You are the demons.", Half-Life: Full Life Concequences "ZOMBIE GOASTS LEAVE THIS PLACE!") which never fail to bring out a laugh, but then sometimes you see the past and the future coming together to make a great combination.

Alot of people remember Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" skit. If you don't, look it up on youtube. It's a classic, and deserving of lots of "lulz". Now, Starless Entertainment has created a mashup of it and World of Warcraft. Watch it. It's good.

Who's The Tank - Watch more Free Videos


Quantum of Solace: Bond Checklist

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts. I came down with the Black Death over the past couple weeks, and yea, I got really behind in everything. So anyway, I went to see Quantum of Solace this weekend, and once again I left the theater with a proverbial bad taste in my mouth. So let's see how the movie stacks up to my "James Bond Checklist." Now, the checklist comes with a point system. For every "check," the movie gains two points. For every "no," the movie loses a point.

Every good James Bond film has at least one of some sort. Now, to qualify for this mark, it doesn't explicitly have to be a "car" chase, boats, air planes, and and even hovercraft count. Considering the movie opens with a car chase, there's a boat chase, and an airplane chase, I don't have much of a problem giving this one the mark.
Verdict: CHECK. +2 Points. (Runing total: 2)

Face it, Bond is nothing without the help of the Q department. Without those underwater cars, jetpacks, exploding toothpaste missile launchers, or sonic glass shattering rings, James would be dead. So, explain why, once again, Bond doesn't have a single gadget, and the Q department is no where to be found. EON, stop dropping the ball.

Verdict: Fail. QoS loses a point this time. Not a single gadget in sight. His phone doesn't count, mine has the internet too. (Running total: 1)

Even EON can't screw this one up. Bond has more STDs than there are ABCs.
CHECK. +2. (Running total: 3)

Okay, so some of the old Bond movies have had bad music before. Some of the opening sequences have sucked so hardcore they could be candidates for "Worst Porn Film." But honestly, Jack White, Alicia Keys, stop making music. Now. NOW. What the fuck was that? Let me repeat... What the FUCK was THAT? Good music died the day you made "Another Way to Die." And that opening sequence? I laughed so hard I cried, that's how bad it was. Whoever was in charge of that one should be fired. Literally. Shoved into a kiln and fired.
EPIC Fail. You know what? That song was so bad, I'm taking off an extra TWO points. -3. (Running total: 0)

When I think of a Bond movie, I think of a car chase with James chasing/being chased in an epic scene that has been choreographed to the theme of the series. Explosions go off as the theme reaches its climax (Duh duh DAH DAAAAA Duh-duh Naaaaa) making the chases that much more epic and enjoyable. Unfortunately, since the "reboot," the films have suffered from a lack of use of the series's main theme. QoS is no different.
Fail. How can you leave such an iconic piece just for the credits? -1. (Running total: -1)

What Bond movie could be complete without some bad witty puns thrown into the mix. Casino Royale really didn't have any of these with the closest being "Now everyone will know you scratched my balls before you died." Weak. Luckily, QoS actually keep up tradition, and has a few puns in the movie. Aparently, the screenwriters of this movie actually watched at least 15 minutes of other Bond films.

4:10 of that video, you'll get what I mean.

Check. +2. (Running total: +1)

Goldfinger tried to slice James in half with a laser, and irradiate the US gold supply. Francisco Scaramanga and his Golden Gun try to assassinate 007. Hugo Drax wants to restart humanity in space. What do we get with QoS? Some rich fucker who overthrows the Bolivian government to steal the water. Seriously?

Verdict: Fail. I already forgot his name. -1 (Running total: 0)

FINAL VERDICT: Quantum of Solace is a decent "action" movie, but it falls short of a Bond film. It's not "bad," persay, but it's not "good" either.
Final Score: 0. Translates to: Meh.



I've seen angels fall from blinding heights,
but you yourself are nothing so divine.
Just next in line.

~"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell

Welcome to my blog. I'm Rogue. Let's get down to business.

Who am I?
"Who? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is a man in a mask." ~ V, from "V for Vendetta"

Who am I really?
I'm a man of many masks, though aren't we all? I'm a college student at Penn State. I'm a Republican, though I'm not hardcore-right in terms of my ideals. I'm a clerk at a grocery store. I'm an amateur graphics designer. I'm a video gamer. I'm a critic. I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

Why am I writing a blog?

I'm a very vocal person about my ideals. I love to rant and talk about things that interest me. I'm hoping that there are others out there that think the same way, or at least find what I have to say at least mildly interesting. I also want my voice heard.

What will I talk about?
News, Video Games, Music, Politics, Hot-button Issues, Things that piss me off... not in that order.

How often will I update this?
Depends on my available time. Could be daily, could be weekly, could be sporadic. I don't know.