I've seen angels fall from blinding heights,
but you yourself are nothing so divine.
Just next in line.

~"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell

Welcome to my blog. I'm Rogue. Let's get down to business.

Who am I?
"Who? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is a man in a mask." ~ V, from "V for Vendetta"

Who am I really?
I'm a man of many masks, though aren't we all? I'm a college student at Penn State. I'm a Republican, though I'm not hardcore-right in terms of my ideals. I'm a clerk at a grocery store. I'm an amateur graphics designer. I'm a video gamer. I'm a critic. I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

Why am I writing a blog?

I'm a very vocal person about my ideals. I love to rant and talk about things that interest me. I'm hoping that there are others out there that think the same way, or at least find what I have to say at least mildly interesting. I also want my voice heard.

What will I talk about?
News, Video Games, Music, Politics, Hot-button Issues, Things that piss me off... not in that order.

How often will I update this?
Depends on my available time. Could be daily, could be weekly, could be sporadic. I don't know.